Welcome to the Main site of TheMissingOre

Hey there, I am creating a huge mod with tons of new ores and blocks and items and alot more to come,
it also chnages the history of minecraft! By killing enderdragon you starts the new adventure!
Enderdragon is just the beginning, what about Kreygon, 10 times stronger, 100 times more health.
This mod does also brings new tools and wepons.. So it brings PVP to a new level

I have no idea when this mod will be published.. But it will come out to all gamers that plays minecraft 1.8
Also i am really happy to say that I am working everyday and every hour now with this mod! I
also hope that you wanna donate!

What do we spend the donations on??
Answear: We spend all the donations toa server for the mod and getting workers!